Cake Smash Birthday Session

Celebrate your baby's very first birthday with a fun food smashing session!

Our awesome cake smash sessions are fun and creative! A designer cake by Smooch Cakes are individually designed to your session theme, as well as some beautifully simplistic decorations, so your baby is the shiny star of their session. Celebrate the fast and exciting first year of your little baby, time goes too quickly, so make sure you capture those tiny little details and cute personalities, so you can look back at those memories long after your baby has grown into a teenager or adult!




Pregnancy Photography

The best time for your maternity photos to be taken is 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. Right when your tummy is nice and big but before most early arrivals. You need to allow for 1-2 hours for your session. Partner and siblings of the new baby are more than welcome to join in during the last 1/2 hour to hour of your session, as it is a special time for them as well. It is also a good idea to book your pregnancy session early on in your pregnancy, to make sure you don't run out of time. We also have bump to baby packages for those wanting to book both Pregnancy & Newborn sessions. A prep guide will be sent to you upon booking your session to prepare you and inform you of everything you need to know.

We have a huge range of gowns available for you to wear right here in our studio wardrobe! Want something special? If you want to get yourself something special you can try this gown shop here and order your own custom gown for yourself! Beautiful gowns are just one small part of the whole experience with us, Chelsea's magical touch with both the photography and special skills make her portraits super special and unique!

Newborn Photography

It is ideal to make a booking while you are still pregnant, this will allow us to set time aside in my schedule around your due date, and gives us an idea of when to anticipate your baby’s birth. Once your baby arrives, even if you are still in the hospital, contact us and we will set an exact date for your session. Newborn photo's are best photographed in the first 7-21 days after birth, when they are still very sleepy and easy to pose. The ideal time is before they are two weeks of age. 7-14 days is just perfect. This time frame allows me to capture your new arrival in the curly, womb like poses. Once babies get closer to 2 weeks of age, they will go through their first growth spurt, have more awake time and may start to develop baby acne, gassy stomachs, and colic.
Booking during your pregnancy is important to make sure you have a spot in my calendar. We pencil in a booking for one week after your due date and reconfirm with you when you have had your baby. You need to allow about 3 hours for your session. Mum, Dad, and siblings of the newborn are welcome to join in on the first or last hour of the session depending on the siblings age. The room will be hot to keep baby warm and relaxed! A prep guide will be sent to you upon booking your session to prepare you and inform you of everything you need to know.

If you have stumbled across the idea of newborn portraits after the 14 day mark, do not worry! Older newborns can still be captured in a variety of different ways. Depending on your baby, we work with their needs and personality to create the most beautiful portraits no matter what age you bring them in at. We have a large range of prop sizes to suit babies of many sizes.


Family Photography

Family sessions are best done anytime! A yearly session is a great idea, as you can capture your family growing year after year, while you keep your walls and albums updated, after some time has passed you can even look at creating a family book that shows your growing family. Brilliant idea for every family to have! You need to allow for 1-2 hours for your session. There are options for both in studio and home sessions in your home. A prep guide will be sent to you upon booking your session to prepare you and inform you of everything you need to know.


Milestone Sessions

Milestone sessions are great to fill in the gaps and capture those special mile stones! Most miletsone sessions are done at 1 month, 100 days, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. They're also great to capture many other types of sessions. Milestone sessions are great for those in between fillers, and to keep your albums and walls up to date with gorgeous photos. A prep guide will be sent to you upon booking your session to prepare you and inform you of everything you need to know.

Newborn Garden Session

Bring nature into your newborn session with our Garden add on!

For an additional fee to your session, we can include a couple of Garden set ups in our manicured photography garden that has been specifically built and set up for newborn photography. The perfect additional to your newborn session to get those stunning natural settings and earthy scenes. We have set up several different nooks with different looks for different set ups, specifically for these sessions.


Location Session at one of our favourite spots

Some of the most beautiful spots in the world are right here in New Zealand!

For an additional fee to your session, we can take our props and gowns to one of our favourite spots and capture you and your family in New Zealand's incredible scenery. What better way to display your portrait art than to have a stunning landscape too!


Home Session in the comfort of your own home

Can't leave the house in those precious first few weeks? We can come to you!

For an additional fee to your session, we can bring our props and backdrops to your own home and set them up just like we do in the studio, to create the same look. We have many clients who have to stay home in the first few weeks, sometimes months, and we completely understand this need! We are fully set up to bring everything to you, so we can still capture your gorgeous tiny baby in those first two weeks without you having to leave the safety of your home.

Herbal Milk Bath with Fresh Flowers

Pamper yourself with a stunning Milk Bath, and feel like Cleopatra!

Our Herbal Milk Baths are an optional add on to your session that offer a luxurious real Milk bath with natural Herbal flowers and salts, as well as beautiful Fresh Flowers to make you feel like royalty. These sessions take quite a long time to set up, and a lot of preparation goes into planning and setting the bath up. Herbal Milk Baths can be done during pregnancy, and after birth with your newborn!


We are a Full-Service Photographic Studio! Which means we offer; fully styled session with a huge range of props and gowns for you to choose from; a full range of services such as hair & make up, home sessions, location sessions and many other wonderful add ons to create the most extravagant experience for yourself; as well as a selection creatively edited images for you to choose from with beautiful products for you to buy.


Make sure you book your sessions well in advance, as we are often booked months in advance.

To view our price list please visit our pricing page here.

Hair & Make up Services Available to you

Take the pressure off and have someone else either come to you or come to our studio!

We have several make up artists that we love to work with, and can organise on your behalf so you don't have to worry about scheduling, re-scheduling and all the location details, simply pay the invoice they send you and we take care of the rest! We have captured a lovely video of one of our amazing make up artists that we use on a regular basis, meet Mickey! Let us know if you want your hair & make up done for you and we can take care of the rest!

We offer one to one mentoring for photography and business related education. starting at $500 per hour, you can choose how much time and how often you have mentoring sessions with us so that you can get the most out of your learning experience. Learn how to create stunning maternity portraits and more, how to create the perfect throw and lighting, and even how to make your business more valuable and functional!


Get in touch with us to find out more, or book yourself in for your first mentoring session!

Photography & Business Mentoring

Auckland multi award winning Maternity and Newborn Photographer